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Correcting Security Certificate Issues with Internet Explorer 7

Recent changes to Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 may cause certain secure pages in our web site and login scripts to receive Security Certificate Errors. In most cases, these errors refer to an invalid, mismatched or expired certificate. Under normal circumstances you should not ignore such errors when displayed as they may be a sign of a dangerous website.

However, when accessing the official web site of ( or company resources you can safely ignore such prompts and errors.  Remember all the resources will be under our web site:  Example:

This issue has recently caused the e-learning login page, and our reservation page to work incorrectly. It has also caused some staff and clients to get stuck in an endless loop of pop-up boxes when signing in or login out of e-learning Access.

To correct both of these issues, please follow the instructions below.

Changing Security Certificate Settings in IE7


Open Internet Explorer 7.

Left-click Tools on the right side of the menu bar at the top of your screen.


Left-click Internet Options from the pop-up menu.













Your Internet Options window will be displayed.
Left-click the Advanced tab.

You'll need to change settings in the area highlighted here.
To make the changes scroll down the window checking and un-checking options as necessary.

For best results, make sure that your options match those in the screen shot to the right.


To correct the specific problem with Security Certificates, you'll just need to uncheck the option highlighted in red below.


If for any reason this does not correct the problem, or if you see this issue when using Internet Explorer 6, also uncheck the option highlighted in yellow.






















To complete the changes, left-click Apply.
Then left-click OK.

Close Internet Explorer and reopen it. You should no longer see these issues.   Now you should visit the e-learning center again or the page that you were looking for.

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