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BartenderGirl.Com is one of the leading bartending services, catering and event planning companies in Southern California.  If you have questions or would like additional information please call us at: 1-800-665-0804. Need to make a reservation do it here. Need to see what we can do - Read it here

We handle the vendors, create amazing concepts and stir up energy and excitement of which the competition is incapable. We will meet or beat any competitor's price on any of our services. Don't be fooled by imitators, trust the original.  Have some questions?  We got answers here. | Contact us!

Whether it’s a Private Party or Grand Gala Premier, our goal, is to provide you with a friendly, efficient attitude and highly professional services, we provide services to movie studios, fortune 500 companies, actors, politicians, celebrities and general public! Need a Cabana Boy? - See Latest Event Picture

Latest Celebrities & Companies that we have worked for!
BartenderGirl.Com Official T-Shirt BartenderGirl.Com Official T-Shirt BartenderGirl.Com Official T-Shirt
ACL Green House SoYu
Espolon Healthpointe The Pan African Film
BartenderGirl.Com Official T-Shirt
Danny Glover Teles Properties The Pan African Film
Shemar Moore Kiefer Sutherland
Shemar Moore Kiefer Sutherland Michael Sheen
Darren Criss Ryan K
Darren Criss Sarah Silverman Relativity Media,LLC
Madonna Sit N Sleep
Madonna Sit 'N Sleep MBK Homes
Writer's Guild of America - West
The Comedy Store Charlie Day Writer's Guild of America
Tony Hawk Zoe Myers
Tony Hawk CWonder  Zoe Myers
Everybody Loves Raymond
Raymond The Hangout Maria's Kitchen
Dax Shepard
Dax Shepard  Original Penguin Banana Republic
Judd Nelson
Habana Eva Judd Nelson Salma Hayek
Drew Berrymore Prison City Derby D Hangar 24 Craft Brewery
20th Anniversary LA Stage Alliance Ovation Awards
Valley Preparatory Ovation Awards Michael Dougherty
Under The Same Moon Pablo Montero Electronic Arts, Los Angeles, CA
Kate Del Castillo Pablo Montero Electronic Arts
San Manuel Casino Peter Perfect The Grammy
San Manuel Casino Peter Perfect Grammy's Party
Britney Spears Academy Awards the Oscars When in Rome
Britney Spears Academy Awards When In Rome
Stephen Spielberg Spike Lee Julia Roberts
Stephen Spielberg Spike Lee Julia Roberts  
HBO Wanda Show Scion Independent Film
HBO Wanda Scion Independent Film
Steve Harvey Destiny's Child John Goodman
Steve Harvey  Destiny's Child John Goodman  
Michael Bolton Rebecca Broussard Katie Wagner
Michael Bolton Rebecca Broussard Katie Wagner
Sigma Phi Delta Fine Arts Theater, Beverly Hills, CA Pixel Perfect
SIGMA PHI DELTA Fine Arts Theater Pixel Perfect
Plaboy Bill Pullman Ric Young
Hugh Hefner Bill Pullman Rick Young
Sugar Baby Store Survivor - Panama
Santa Monica Pier Sugar Baby Survivor
BartenderGirl.Com Official T-Shirt Janet Jackson Curious George
BartenderGirl Janet Jackson Curious George
Tau Kappa Epsilon BILLY ZANE Nicole Sullivan
Tau Kappa Epsilon Billy Zane Nicole Sullivan
Sylvester Stallone Joan Allen David Keith
Sylvester Stallone Joan Allen David Keith
Ron Jeremi Halle Berry Christine Devine
Ron Jeremi Halle Berry Christine Devine
Warner Brothers Christopher Rich Reba Show
Warner Brothers Christopher Rich Reba
Kissing Jessica Stein Hall & Partner OTX
Kissing Jessica Halls & Partners OTX
DH1 Seal 20th Century Fox
DH1 Seal Twenty Century Rox
Long Beach Police Bill Maher Bike Out
Long Beach Police Bill Maher Bike Out
CBS Nardully, INc. Better Luck Tomorrow Movie
CBS Studios Nardulli BLT
Baja Fresh Odalis Perez
Baja Fresh Tarfest 2004 Odalis Perez
VC Film Fest 2007 The Beat 100.3 Brides
VC Film Fest '07 The Beat 100.3 BRIDES
Michael Baisden Ryan K Momoberry by Sanrio
Michael Baisden Ryan Kavanaugh Momoberry by Sanrio
Spirtual Warrior BartenderGirl.Com will be serving at the AT&T Champions Classic at Valencia Country Club on March 12th 2008 Heavy Metal In Baghdad
Spiritual Warriors At&t Champions Classic Heavy Metal In Baghdad
Chop Shop ABC News
Chop Shop   ABC News Asian Pacific Film Fest.
BabySpareWear College of The Canyons
babysparewear College of The Canyons  Horrible Bosses
The Fox Theater Dream Girls Salon AppleBee's
Unisicasa Art Rebel Studio Lake Elsinore Outlets
Jsu Garcia The Dockweiler Youth Center
Jsu Garcia Sigma Delta Tau Dockweiler Youth Center
Quinceañera Naughty Dog Wendie Malick
Brenda Swanson
Dean Larking Design Brenda Swanson Clos Du Bois
Babel DreamGirls Haworth
BartenderGirl.Com Official T-Shirt
Fantasy Show Beverly Hills Museum BartenderGirl

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