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, Welcome to BartenderGirl.Com   For over 24 years, BartenderGirl.com, has provided catering, beverages, and staffing services to southern California residents, movie stars, fortune 500 companies and county, state and federal agencies.  Catering Services and Staffing for your next event.

On June 28th, BartenderGirl.com provided services the company Smuggler for its movie premier in Beverly Hills, CA  Beverly Cops Axel F - See Pictures

Bartending Services for your event.

BartenderGirl.Com staff are certified in various areas such as T.I.P.S., ABC L.E.A.D.S, and Responsible Beverage Service Training (RBS). They are also COVID-compliant, Food Handling Safety Certified, ABC licensed, screened, and insured. Additionally, we have both male and female staff available. Concierge Services  And Event Planning

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Cateing Services and Staffing
So what are you waiting for? Make your reservation on-line or call us at 1.800.665.0804 For further information on pricing or any other questions that you may have, visit our Frequently Asked Question Page, or e-mail us


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