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Courses from BartenderGirl

BartenderGirl Launches Bartending School Course for everyone at an affordable enrollment price.

Yes, BartenderGirl.com went a little crazy. We are now offering bartending classes from Monday, July 15, 2024 to December 9th, 2022 for $199.99 or $299.99 for 2 people (21 and over).

We also have virtual meeting classes. (must schedule in advance) if out of Los Angeles Area and Surrounding Counties.

Earn good tips and have fun while you work!

   Monday, July 15, 2024 BartenderGirl.Com, a major hub for all bartending services and event planning staffing needs, is pleased to announce the launch of its last bartending training course for this current year2021 Register here

"We are extremely pleased to see the overwhelming response to our Bartender training course," says Mr. Ben Zerpa, senior Lead trainer at BartenderGirl.Com. "We are changing the way prospective bartenders receive their education and training."
Bartender Course

About The Bartending Training Course
   Before our bartending course, anyone would have to pay $700 - $1,000 or more, for a 20/30-hour bartending school course to learn the same information, you do here. Our certified bartender course approved by the (ABC) Alcohol Bureau and Controlof the state of California, provides anyone with a professionally completed bartending guide, training and certification after its completion!

Students pays only $199.99. To receive a 5 Days (Classroom), 3 Hours Classes - and 12 Hours (hand-on training - real case scenarios working along a professional experience bartender teacher), year-round unlimited self-help online training, with a certificate of achievement and certification from the Alcohol control bureau of the State of California (LEADS), Responsible Beverage Service (RBS), after artenderGirl Certificate of training completion, you passing the required mandatory test for RBS

The BARTENDERGIRL.COM program is unique because of its extremely low cost of $199.99 the course is practically "Free".

Most students cannot afford to quit their current jobs to take classes that can cost thousands of dollars with no guarantee of success.

   The BartenderGirl Bartending Course allows them to keep their current job while training for a new career on their own schedule. Another benefit that the BartenderGirl Bartending Course provides to current bartenders a real job placement, after the completion of the training and passing the state test; after you will be awarded with a contract to work in any event with us (as long you pass our background check) You will be hands-on-training with top notch bartender instructors with over 32 year of experience!  Want to try a class? Register here

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Are you ready to become a Bartender? If yes, then click here or Interested in our attending our Bartending Course Registry Here

Employment - Become one of us.

Frequently Asked Qustions Title

   BartenderGirl was formed in the year 2000 and is the among the nation top bartender staffing and services companies!

From individuals to large Corporations, BartenderGirl can provide you with any service that you need for your event. Since BartenderGirl.Com uses its vast database of BartenderGirl's of resources and vendors, there is only one phone call, and one bill.

   BartenderGirl.Com provides a bartender training course to those interested in entering the exciting profession of bartending. Unlike most bartending schools, BartenderGirl.Com is more than just simple instruction and testing. We provide helpful resources and bartending tools to our students.

Take our bartending certification course today.
We provide Job Placements, make money working while we training you and get experience, necessary to land a job a nears bars to you or with us.

Bartending Course runs Every a week (Monday thru Friday) on the following hours 11:00AM or 6:00PM, starting  on July, 2024 .

Every Monday thru Thursday at: 11:00 AM until 2:00 PM. / or 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Are you ready to apply? If yes, then click here or Interested in our Bartending Course
Registry Here

Must call to secure your place at: 909-862-2230

After your course,
BartenderGirl is always looking for bartenders, wait staff, promotional models, and cocktail Staff.

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How Much Can A Bartender Make?
bottle of water   When you need some extra cash, bartending can be a great option. The top bartenders can make around $100,000 per year. Bartenders make about 70% of their take home pay in tips.  Take us for example!

As opposed to "how much money do bartenders make", perhaps the right question is "what other benefits does bartending allow". There are many benefits to tending bar. Bartending can allow you the opportunity to travel, to develop greater social skills, to earn full time money on a part-time basis, and to get started in a relatively short amount of time.

Bartending is part of the hospitality industry. Bartending affords you the opportunity to meet all different types of people and to work at many exciting locations around the globe. A good bartender can work in posh resorts or 5 star hotels and restaurants. While working for us, you can meet hundreds of celebrities.

Bartending provides an abundance of opportunities to develop skills that will benefit you in every aspect of your life. Bartenders have the chance to develop even better social and customer service skills. Bartenders are expected to converse on a variety of topics, so the job can push you to expand your areas of interest.

Bartending is one of the few jobs where you can make a full time income from a part time job. Because you can earn a couple hundred dollars in just one night, you can easily pursue other sources of income. The money made from tending bar can be used as extra cash over and above the income from another job.

   Obviously bartenders need to be able to quickly mix drinks while being personable. A bartender may be required to maintain stock, as well as organize and clean the glasses. One of the main non-mixing parts of the job is to engage customers in conversation.

The answer to the question "How much money do bartenders make?" depends on the bartender's ability to earn tip money. Your best use of time is learning the skills needed to be a tip magnet. Learning how to mix drinks is important, but learning how to squeeze the most out of your tipping customers is even more important. But BartenderGirl.Com Provides practically Free Training to all of our members, become a member today.

Are you ready to apply? If yes, then click here or Interested in our Bartending Course Registry Here


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