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BartenderGirl.com has provided services to Sit 'N Sleep and Mr. Larry Miller for many years!

As far as well-known Southern California icons go, you might say Sit ‘n Sleep President and CEO Larry Miller falls somewhere between the Hollywood Sign on one end of the spectrum, and, say, the Dodger Dog on the other. (No offense to fans of that fine concession item, of course.)

Unless you’ve somehow managed to live through the last two decades without listening to the radio or watching television, chances are you’ve heard Larry intone the immortal “or your mattress is freeee!” tagline more times than you might care to remember.

Thanks to Larry’s omnipresence on the local airwaves, he’s recognized and approached all around Southern California by fans and critics alike. Whether you’re watching a Lakers game, listening to the L.A. Philharmonic, or even shopping at a Sit ‘n Sleep location, chances are you might be headed for a Larry Miller sighting.

Larry Miller

"You killing me larry!"

Just about everyone in Southern California is familiar with our owner, Larry Miller, from his funny and attention-grabbing TV and radio commercials. Throughout the years, Larry has done battle with his accountant, Irwin, millions of pesky dust mites and our competitor's high prices.

Sit 'n Sleep is an American mattress store chain based in Gardena, California. As of 2024, it has 36 locations, all in Southern California. It is one of the largest independent mattress retailers in the United States and is also known for its extensive advertising.

Larry Miller

Disc Jockey Services for Larry Miller

Larry Miller

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