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It's easier than you think to throw the ultimate Oscar bash, one your friends will be talking about for years!

We asked Cheryl Cecchetto, who has been producing the post-ceremony Governor's Ball for 23 years, for her tips. You can even feed your guests the same food stars sit down to at the Governor's Ball with special recipes from celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck.

And PR gurus Laura Shriftman and Elizabeth Harrison provide general hosting tips from their book "Fait Accompli, The Ultimate Guide to Creative Entertaining."

From invitations to parting gifts, BartenderGirl.com got you covered!

To make things easier on your guests, include an RSVP postcard with prepaid postage.

Not enough time to get RSVP cards back? Have your RSVP number go to a recorded message, repeating all the party details (time, date, place, what to bring) so you don't have to call anyone back, or make a Facebook Invitation, or included your text number for RSVPs.

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Include a ballot in your invitations. You can print out the same ballot Academy members get right here. "You can have guests mail their ballots back to you by a certain date or have them bring out that night."

This year's theme is the Oscars in 3D. The menu, featuring local produce and sustainable seafood, is comprised of fifty dishes, from one-bite hors d'oeuvres to small-plate entrees. Signature favorites such as smoked salmon Oscars, chicken pot pie with shaved black truffles, and Pastry Chef Sherry Yard's gold-dusted chocolate Oscars will return to the party along with new creations like lobster tacos with tomato and pickled shallots, and beet salad with pistachio butter, burrata and citrus balsamic.

Get a red carpet -- carpet stores can give you cheap remnants -- and put it at front door for that touch of glamour.

Rent a velvet rope if you want to feel really exclusive -- you could even use it to control the line for the bathroom!

Set the stage with movie music! Get the soundtracks to this year's nominated films, or past favorites like Chicago or The Godfather, Cecchetto suggests.

A buffet-style dinner will let your guests graze without missing any important Oscar moments.

BartenderGirl.com Event Planner suggest a few options if you're serving mixed drinks.
Use BartenderGirl.com professional Bartender Service to mix drinks.

Buffet style. Mix drinks in advance and leave them for people to take. Works best for non-carbonated mixed drinks.  However is best recommend to use BartenderGirl.com cocktail wait staff services.

TIP: Never add ice to a drink. Instead, pour the drink into a glass already full of ice. This chills the alcohol as the glass fills up. -- Fait Accompli

Every good Oscar© party needs a signature cocktail. Instead of popping a bottle of champagne and calling it a day try this sweet and tangy take on a margarita from The Chew's Daphne Oz. it's almost as good as winning the coveted award.

The Oscar©-rita

■ 1/4 cup Silver Tequila
■ 1/4 cup Pineapple Juice
■ 3 tablespoons Lime Juice
■ 3 tablespoons Fresh Mint Leaves
■ Seltzer, to top

Or try Moet's Official Governors Ball Cocktail

■ 1 cup fresh lime juice
■ 1 cup fresh lemon juice
■ Sugar
■ 1 oz. Hum Botanical Spirit
■ Moet & Chandon Imperial Brut Reserve
■ Rose petal

  1. Oscar Rita -> Learn how to make it!

  2. Moet's Official Governors Ball Cocktail

  3. Oscar Cocktail


  1. Cranberry Cooler

  2. Unfuzzy Navel

  3. Virgin Strawberry Daiquiri

  4. Punchless Pina Colada

A thoughtful host always provides non-alcoholic alternatives for their guests and we don't mean just putting out a bottle of club soda!

In Fete Accompli, Shriftman and Harrison suggest you rearrange furniture for optimal for optimum comfort, and in case of an Oscar viewing party, rearrange in a way so that everyone has a good view of the TV.

Do you live in an urban neighborhood with nighttime parking restrictions? If available, get temporary parking passes for your guests so parking isn't an issue.

Stock up the bathroom with plenty of toilet paper and hand towels.

Get scented liquid hand soap for the bathroom, Shriftman and Harrison recommend, rather than having all your guests share the same bar of soap.

If you're having people guess the winners, why not reward the person with the best guesses? At the end of the evening, tally the ballots -- you can have each guest score another person's ballot -- and hand out three of four prizes.

A few gift suggestions from Cheryl Cecchetto.

  1. CDs of the five nominated Best Picture films or CDS of the films nominated for Best Score.

  2. A copy of the nominated movies.

Make your guests feel like Hollywood stars by putting together a parting gift bag.

Shiftman and Harrison suggest filling gift bags with small items like perfume, gift certificates, lip gloss, and chocolates. They also recommend making all the gifts unisex, or creating separate gift bags for men and women.

Commemorate the occasion by embossing gold paper with the Oscar date and put that on a ribbon or card, Cecchetto suggests. "You always want your guests to remember the event, so give them something to take home."

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