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ON SALE $24.99 per dozen!
6 oz. (177 ml) Plastic Martini Glasses
2 piece - Clear Base
Case Pack:96(12/8) $116.77
Prices are subject to change without notice!

Q. Need Margarita Glasses?
A. We have plastic margarita glasses!

Glass Often used for:

You can rent Martini Glasses from us for just $0.60 (6.0z.) $0.85 (10.Oz) each! 
Prices are subject to change without notice!

Martini Plastic Glasses $12.15 per dozen.

Plastic Martini

6 oz, 2 piece plastic martini with sturdy clear base is ideal for bars, nightclubs and caterers who want an alternative upscale look for glass.

It is perfect for appetizers, ice cream and desserts.
Stackable base and top allows for more than 75% space savings versus glass.
Disposable - Great for Outdoor or Indoor Parties...
Make the Perfect Martini...or for an Elegant Dessert - Even for Mashed Potatoes

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