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Past Celebrity Event

Occasion: Private event  

For this event BartenderGirl  provided: Personal shopping, bar rental, and professional bartending services to Relativity Media, LLC

Ryan Kavanaugh is a principal of Relativity Media, LLC, a financing, consulting and production company that structures slate financing for both major studios and independent production entities.

Ryan KavanaughMr. Kavanaugh, along with his Relativity partner Lynwood Spinks, creates business and financial structures for a number of studios, production companies and producers and introduced over $4.5 billion of capital to such structures. Clients/deals include Sony, Universal, Warner Brothers, Marvel, Atmosphere Entertainment MM, Marvel, French distributor/sales agent and Exception Wild Bunch among others.

Mr. Kavanaugh created a number of unique financing packages, including Gun Hill Road I and Gun Hill Road II, which provide discrete and separate funds for both Sony Pictures Entertainment and Universal Pictures--for the first time two studios received funds from the same funding source, thus providing production funding for a total of 44 films in various stages of production and release. Mr. Kavanaugh facilitated a $528 million multi-picture, co-financing arrangement for Warner Bros. Pictures as well as a $525 million financing a deal for Marvel Enterprises; moreover, Mr. Kavanaugh structured and raised a 120 million Euro acquisition, production and distribution fund for Exception Wild Bunch S.A., the French distribution and sales company founded by former Studio Canal management.

Mr. Kavanaugh also runs Relativity Media's "Single Picture business" whereby Relativity Media finances, produces and distributes an average of one film per month. The Relativity Single Picture business was set up to offer "studio quality product to the independent world." As such, projects to date include: MR. BROOKS ($19M budget, Kevin Costner, William Hurt, Demi Moore), 3:10 TO YUMA ($55M budget, Russell Crowe and Christian Bale, directed by James Mangold), BAKER STREET ($22M budget, Jason Statham, directed by Roger Donaldson), the upcoming UNTITLED J&J PROJECT ($55M budget, Jet Li & Jackie Chan, directed by Rob Minkoff) and THE UNTOUCHABLES ($67M, Nick Cage, Benicio Del Toro, directed by Brian De Palma). Mr. Kavanaugh also serves as the executive producer on each of these films. To date, Relativity has committed over $400M to its single picture business.

Prior to his work with Relativity, Kavanaugh started a venture capital company at the age of 22, and during such time raised and invested over $400 million of equity to a number of venture and private equity transactions.


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