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Salsa Dance Lessons Zerpa

Salsa dance instruction for individuals, couples and groups in Los Angeles, Orange County, Palm Spring and the Inland Empire. Learn salsa, Merengue, cha-cha, mambo, partnering, free-style salsa, Latin styling, and more in your party, we promise to break the ice at any event, seducing your guest into dancing, mixing and mingling among one another. We will teach salsa at your party, your company function, your prom, on your special day.

Our dancers are available to perform and/or teach alone, with her/his partner, or bring our dance company to spice up your party with a professional level salsa performance! We have salsa dance routines that are choreographed to the music that are very exciting to watch.

You can hire the whole team or you can choose anywhere from 1 to 4 couples to do the same routine according to your budget! Get a Quote | More Questions?

We provide services to teach toddlers, children, teens & adults at your school or facility.  We teach . . . Basic movement, modern, jazz, ballet, Latin, & choreography for musicals & performance arts.

To arrange a custom dance lessons for toddlers, children & teens, please call or toll free number at: 1-800-665-0804 Or, send an email to by clicking here.

Looking for Private lessons? This is the perfect choice for those of you who would like to get personalized attention. This "one on one", gives you the opportunity to get a "hands on" experience, where you can not only see what is supposed to look like, but you can also feel the perfect lead and/or follow. Private lessons give you a comfortable set up to improve your level of dance in a relaxed, and also a highly constructive atmosphere. Salsa lessons can be scheduled at selected local dance studios or, in some cases, students' residences.

We offer private lessons in Salsa, Cha Cha, Merengue, and all of the ballroom dances. Perfect set up to learn some ladies styling!

Private sessions are available as individual lessons for either the ladies, the gentlemen or for couples.

We will improve your footwork, arm movement, body language, hand placement, musical phrasing/timing and styling. Get a Quote | More Questions?

How do I book a private class?

Book your reservation on-line or call us at 1.800.665.0804 For further information on pricing or any other questions that you may have, visit our Frequently Asked Question Page, or e-mail us  

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