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The staff at BartenderGirl.Com are the most unique & diversified group of girls and guys, you will ever meet. Each bartender brings her/his own style, flair, personality, and diverse drink recipe knowledge to every event. They all share the same desire and intensity to make sure your event is perfect and your guests are entertained and well taken care of. I have more questions?

How We Screen and Hire BartenderGirl Staff
Our staff is the best that can be found! In addition to going through our strict screening and interviewing process, each staff member is required to pass a detailed background and reference check.  We conduct a full background check using a professional firm that checks every state of previous residence or employment to our members. In response to the increase in identity theft, we require multiple forms of ID and verification of our employee data. We also obtain a complete criminal history record of each applicant during the screening process. This record highlights any arrests, convictions, or criminal actions such as felonies, misdemeanors, charges of sexual impropriety, violence, driving violations (including DUI or drug-related vehicular violations), or domestic disputes.

In addition to the background checks, we constantly keep in contact with all our contractors on a weekly basis, BartenderGirl provides training to all staff so they meet the standards of our industry. Read about our qualifications to do the job.
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Since our start in 2000, there have been no instances or allegations of improper behavior by any member of our staff.

BartenderGirl  has been catering and bartending to celebrities and major movie studios since the year 2000. View list of celebrities. Need to see our reliability or company records? View our Better Business Bureau report or company records from Dunn & Bradstreet.

Why should you hire BartenderGirl  for your next event?  Qualifications

FYI: All our bartenders and servers are certified in a quality responsible service training program such as LEADS or TIPS.  We are fully insured!

So what are you waiting for? Make your event a memorable one and call us at 1.800.665.0804 or make an on-line reservation now.  We will provide you with the best and most professional bartender girls or guys in the Southern California Area.

100% Reliable bartending services, wait staff, Disc Jockey and Catering Service!

Staffing Services
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