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Staff Tips Suggestion

The information provided on this page, suggest what are generally considered to be adequate amounts to tip Bartenders and Server for services rendered. It should be kept in mind that tips are a way of expressing satisfaction. Larger tips should be left for those who provide extraordinarily good service; smaller tips or no tip at all should be left when service is poor. These are by no means a set of RULES. Use your own judgment when you think amounts should be adjusted. Again, these are just suggestions.

Tipping customs change in different parts of the world and even in different parts of the US. In New York City, one is expected to tip for many services and even when services are not provided. In Los Angeles, we get the tip from you, even if you don't want to tip! "Just kidding." Get a Quote | More Questions?

In some countries, tipping is not considered polite and we heartily recommend that when traveling far from home, whether domestically or internationally, you read a good guidebook to learn about this important issue.

BartenderGirl's Tip Scale:

  1. $100.00 or more Your are a great, great tipper or you had too much to drink!

  2. $50.00 or more You are a good Tipper, but you are not drunk yet! 

  3. $40.00  You are the regular Tipper! Keep up the good work.

  4. $20.00 You are the average tipper, budget minded.

  5. $10.00  We need $5.00 more for the pop corn.. Please.

  6. $1.00 Great! Now we can eat from the dollar menu at Mac Donald's©

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