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Alcohol Burea And Control of California Information

FAQ's ABC State of California

BartenderGirl  FAQ's about Liquor License in the state of California

Alcohol Bureau Control of Califrornia Regulations

Do you need a Liquor License to cater alcohol?
YES! The State of California, Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) requires a company that caters liquor to own a "Type 47" Liquor License as well as a "Type 58" Caterers' Permit, which we do have!

Do most caterers own a Liquor License?
NO! Because very few caterers own the appropriate "legal" liquor license, we can provide bar catering services to other caterers and event planners.
In fact, many of our clients are caterers and event planners.

Why should I hire a professional Beverage and Bar Caterer?
The laws governing the catering of liquor have become stricter, for your protection and ours it makes sense to hire a professional, ABC- licensed and insured bartending service. If your Caterer does not have a "Type 58" Caterer's Permit and General Liability Insurance, as well as a Liquor Liability Insurance policy, you are putting yourself at risk why take the chance?

I need a "licensed bartender." Can I get these from you?
Actually, there is no such thing as a "licensed bartender." Bartenders can be "professionally" certified (which all of ours are). Companies are licensed, NOT bartenders. We provide professionally certified bartenders to our clients for each of our events. Also, our bartenders are covered by Workers' Compensation Insurance which protects our client and their guests, in case of injury.

What is General Liability Insurance?
This type of policy covers losses resulting from non-liquor related activities; for example, damage to personal property. NOTE: General Liability Insurance does not cover losses related to alcohol.

What is Liquor Liability Insurance?
This type of policy covers losses resulting from liquor-related activities; for example, if a guest at the event has too much to drink and causes an accident and/or injury. We feel it is our responsibility to provide $ 2,000,000 in Liquor Liability Insurance for our clients and their guests.

At BartenderGirl.com, we carry BOTH types of insurance! More information about Alcohol laws.

Click Icon For HelpCan you provide a Certificate of insurance for my event? 
Yes, we can.  (Alcohol Liability, General Liability and Worker's Comp with an minimum of $4Millions maximum of $10 Millions) Read more

Click Icon For HelpHow many bartenders will I need for my party?
Simple 1 bartender for every 50 Guests and and if you need cocktail or wait staff you will need 1 for every 2 tables (12 Guests).

Click Icon For HelpWhat drinks should I serve on my event?
Download our drink menu and print it for your event  Drink Menu

Or let our professional event planners help you create a customized drink menu for your event.

Click Icon For HelpCan I buy the shaker that you use?
Yes, buy it here. How about the t-shirts?  Off course!

Click Icon For HelpDoes BartenderGirl provide the liquor?
Either or, you can buy it yourself, or let us bring it for you! (Additional cost will apply!) Better yet, why not use our Concierge Service

Click Icon For HelpCash or Hosted Bar
Yes, we can but proper permits will be required.  This option can only be handle by our event planners and permit expert personal.  For a detail quote call 1-800-665-0804 Do you need a liquor license for your event?

BartenderGirl.com can provide your with the ABC liquor permit that you need for your event from any of our qualify vendors and caters. Read about permits & Insurance.

Click Icon For HelpFemale or Male Bartender Staff Request?
We have both, but remember we reserved the right to make substitutions and changes on gender request. View some of our staff pictures | Our uniform pictures

Click Icon For Help How much to tip? Here is the answer.

Click Icon For HelpWhy Is My Bartender Wearing Gloves?

Wow!! This is the company I want!! Click here to make a reservation.

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